Tanya is a Social Entrepreneur and Content Creator who delivers a High-Energy Keynote Speech. 

I love encouraging my audience to open their minds and dream. To create a version of themselves beyond social barriers, find their voice, and pay attention to what truly matters. – Tanya.

Tanya Malik is one of the innumerable children in India who come from a dysfunctional and violent household. She struggled to fight her childhood trauma and recreate a positive belief system. 

An open mind and her unwavering spiritual beliefs were her only friends through the rollercoaster called life. Once, she decided to accept every situation as a lesson and learn from every experience, she learned the secret to happiness. 

She believes that both, her pain and her privilege, were handed to her for a reason. Therefore, she dedicates her time and effort to share what she learned and help others become the architect of their own reality!

People of all age groups love working with Tanya and often describe her as infectious and inspiring.
Audiences love her insightful anecdotes and strategies they can apply personally and professionally.
Her background in media and content creation gives her a flair for storytelling and public speaking.

My fondest memory growing up is falling asleep to my grand-mom’s stories. It’s the reason why I grew up a dreamer and a writer. I believe stories help us open our minds and imagine ourselves beyond the physical boundaries of life, thus encouraging growth.

Young individuals usually reach out to Tanya for her intuitive and candid perspective. Along with easy to implement strategies that help them build a string foundation, find their purpose and be the architect of their own reality. 


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