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I’m Tanya Malik

A social entrepreneur, content creator, and storyteller dedicated to helping you become the architect of your own reality.  

I live by these words of Buddha. It’s my mantra, one I had tattooed on my back as a message for everything I leave behind.
“All that we are is a result of all that we have thought” – Buddha.

Growing up in a violent household, my first toxic relationship was the one with my father. The man who loved me and taught me everything I know was the same man who terrorized me. Body shaming, physical abuse, and the pressure of protecting my mother summarise my childhood.

An overweight and under-confident teenager, I built a peaceful escape inside my wandering mind.

Daydreaming of a version of me I’d be less ashamed of did something amazing, it manifested into a reality. My teenage mind quickly believed that everything I persistently asked for would invariably come true, and it did.

I tested this theory, personally and professionally lo and behold, every thought shaped my reality. With this began my spiritual pursuit at the age of 13. I realized the power of thought and intention over mere action. I left behind the bullied, frightened girl and created a version of me who was fearless, outspoken, and sometimes even intimidating.

I learned how to put myself first. I probably went a little overboard and indulged in every childhood dream from becoming a commercial pilot, modelling to writing and directing. However, I managed to build a path through unknown territories merely by believing that I could.

It isn’t magic, it is the fact that every cell in your body is listening and responding to every thought. Therefore the cultural and social ideas we grow up with play a significant role in shaping our lives, and our identities.

However, undoing internalized trauma and beliefs doesn’t happen overnight, and I learned this the hard way. I recognized patterns and noticed that my childhood toxicity kept repeating through my relationships. Traumatic memories created a belief system that drama and toxicity were an inevitable part of love. Since I had internalized this belief, that is what I attracted.

Recognizing self-limiting or self-destructing beliefs is just the first step, un-doing them is a long and lonely journey. It was in 2016 that I began digging deeper and studied methods to rewire my thought process. With simple mind workouts like affirmations, EFT, and NLP, I began to unlearn and undo. Preparing a clean slate, on which I could write a new belief system that would shape a new me, a me who chose better personally and professionally. I am still working on creating a value system of empathy for self and others.

Today, I know my pain and my privilege both had a reason, to learn and share. To help empower others become the architect of their own reality. 

What I offer is not a quick guide to happiness but a journey of self-love & self-initiation. My toolkit includes two decades of practice, intuitive perception, a flair for storytelling, along with personalized easy to implement strategies that help you focus on what truly matters in life and work.